Sunday, April 29, 2007

Beware the Jelllyfish of Doom!

Following up What if they grew teeth: I created this gallery at Zazzle so I could have an image to go with the post. I mean, face it, it needs illustration!

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Hi rapexsa,

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Your product, Beware the Jellyfish of Doom!, has been selected as one of Today's Best on Zazzle!

This means it will appear on the Zazzle homepage for the rest of today and it will also be added to the Todays Best Awards Showcase. Keep up the great work!

Bask. Glow. The honor is yours to enjoy.


Well, this morning I was inspired by the schaudenfreud of it all, thinking about the excuses men willl make to explain their new "track marks" to loved ones after returning from the ER in Joberg. And I'd already been struck by it's appearance - frankly, it looks a lot like a jellyfish. So I started playing, and I got a today's best!

I don't know if you can read the tentacles, but here's what they say:

Really, darling, It's true! I was bitten by a jellyfish! Why don't you believe I was bitten by a jellyfish?

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