Sunday, April 29, 2007

To Those Who Have Jumped The Shark

Have you noticed how much conservative repositioning sounds like whining? Here's Bill O'Rielly, with a Hail-Mary attempt to save his credibility, with this grouchy (and unfactual) contradiction of his guest, Marvin Kalb.

From the April 24 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

KALB: What was true was that, when the war was being set up, and in the first year or even two after the war got started, Fox and many other people associated with Fox or the Fox point of view -- let's put it that way -- said all kinds of things in support of the war, which were not being borne out by the facts that the two of us --

O'REILLY: No, I didn't. I went on facts and facts alone.

Cue Laugh Track, as once again, Media Matters pounces upon his facticious disorder and mocks him publicly. He really, really REALLY hates Media Matters!

But leave it to Kieth Olbermann to deliver the killer quote: O'Reilly's "real anger and real fear rests in the dread that someone is quoting him correctly"

Of course, this is the sum of all their fears; the fear that some "damned liberal" will grit their teeth and take audio clips for later use.

You know, it's really not that hard to be a conservative, or even to be a talk-show host. Lots of folks have even managed to do both at once. It used to be that the fellows spewing nonsense were geetting their talking points from Comintern, and some days, I swear to Goddess, they sound just like those angry old Commies ranting about the oppressed masses and the evils of Capitalism.

They weren't funny either.

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