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These Boobs Were Made For Blogging!

These Boobs Were Made For Blogging! shirt

(Update) Because the whole Breastgate scandal fit so well with the point I was trying to make, I somehow overlooked that it happened sometime last year! Oopsie... But it turns out the story itself is not over, and the Right Boob just kept getting more and more conspiciously misshapen.

Althouse: ---- these are flame wars, and what I'm trying to say on the overarching point, is that the left side of the blogosphere is vicious and unfair and nasty to me, and I don't like it, and I'm trying to ask you why that's the way they treat me when I support most of what they're for. Meanwhile, on the right side of the blogosphere, where there's much less overlap, I think, I am treated in a very warm and connecting kind of way. And you're really just kind of undermining my point, uh, by bringing that up like that.
Yep. Just like Michelle Malkin supports the ideals of Martin Luther King.

Anyway, I'm embarrassed, but Althouse's meltdown actually adds to my point - that the noise machine has very little left to make noise about - and is very much upset about not getting the automatic deference it had come to expect from the MSM.

"Let's just array these bloggers... randomly." Ann Althouse

Jon Swift: Putting the Word Breasts in This Title Is a Cheap Ploy To Generate Traffic

I must say, however, after several days of reading Professor Althouse's and Dr. Smith's attacks on Jessica, who admittedly asked for it by dressing and posing provocatively, I began to feel a little sorry for her. I recently saw a report on ABC's Prime Time about something they called "Mean Girl Syndrome." Apparently, teenage girls are using the Internet to transform themselves into cyberbullies. Though they occasionally pick on boys, sometimes with tragic results, they seem more often to aim their poison PDAs against other girls, making fun of their rivals' bodies and spreading vicious rumors about them. The ABC report quoted Madeleine Albright, who said, "I'm not a person who thinks the world would be entirely different if it were run by women. If you think that, you've forgotten what high school was like."

I began to wonder if Professor Althouse and Dr. Smith weren't engaging in a little cyberbullying themselves. All the while professing to be bored to tears with the whole topic, Professor Althouse spent the weekend writing post after post and leaving comment after comment on her blog, and even making a podcast on the subject. I wondered if it might not be more constructive if she spent that time preparing lesson plans or reading the latest law review articles to hone her fine legal mind. I imagined her sitting in her office drawing beards and mustaches on pictures of Jessica and thought balloons with crude comments coming out of her head like some of the girls in the ABC report.
Combine this absurd little contretemps with the observation by Marc McDonald that The Word "Republican" Has Vanished From The Vocabulary Of Right-Wingers and we may guess why they are suddenly obsessed with non-asexual bloggers who DO have breasticles.

It's not just women being catty to women, or really any feminist issue at all (In my probably inaccurate and certainly male perspective.) My concept of "feminism" has become inextricably bound up in my mind with being a for-sure grownup and still being treated as a child. To me, this is the behavior of the captain of Varsity Cheerleading squad to the formerly invisible but suddenly and unaccountably popular girl with the Rhodes' Scholarship. It is the sudden and bitter realization that it's someone else's turn - and their term will last a great deal longer, and will certainly outlast the affections - and the hair - of the Variety Quarterback.

Yes, folks, this is a clear sign that the Established Fellows of the Noise Machine know that they have Jumped the Shark - and there won't be a new life in syndication, like there was for that other record-breaking soap opera, "The Clintons."

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