Sunday, October 14, 2007

Duct Tape for your Teeth

Dentemp OS is a product I wish I'd been familiar with years and years ago. Heck, at the rate I loose fillings and with the problems we had a couple years back with high-deductible dental insurance, this might have saved me several teeth.

While this is not intended as a long-term solution, like duct tape, it's a long-enough solution. It's strong enough to eat with in thirty minutes, and will last long enough to get you to your own dentist without paying for an emergency visit. That alone will save you hundreds of dollars. There's enough for six-plus repairs, which should keep you going even if you get a puck in the mouth at the Stanley Cup.

When a tooth cracks or chips, unless you can get into the dentist immediately, it's likely that decay will set in and you may well loose the tooth. Otherwise, you might "just" need a root canal. I've had a couple of those. Not fun. Not fun at all.

I've had lousy teeth all my life and my mouth was full of amalgam by the time I was 25, with some "fillings" consisting of more than half of the tooth. Well, dental amalgam ages faster than teeth. I've had several just give up, leaving me with nasty sharp edges gouging my tongue and cheek.

And then there was the day that what seemed like a perfectly good tooth simply split with a loud crack... Wincing in memory, I'm tempted to drop a good old F-Bomb - but it's inadequate!

Thank God I could get an emergency appointment for that one the same day. I shudder to think what that would have felt like in a day or two, it was bad enough as it was. Now, good as this stuff is, I doubt it would have saved that tooth... but it would have kept it sealed up well enough to keep me relatively pain free for the few hours I needed.

Well, with this stuff, you can patch the chip, crack or lost filling - you can even re-cement a loose cap!

This should be in every single first aid kit and survival kit you own, especially your travel kit. The last thing you need is a blinding toothache during a vacation. Who wants to see a strange dentist? There are a lot of other times where a sealed vial of Dentemp OS is a great idea. Any time you are hunting, hiking, traveling or just busy an emergency dental repair can save you a lot more than a trip to the dentist. It can save your whole vacation.

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