Friday, October 19, 2007

Take THAT, Obama Girl!

"Scantily Clad Lesbians for Ron Paul!"

Via GordonUnleashed

What a long, strange trip it's gonna be...

Now, I didn't mean this as just another "go ron" post. It's more of a celebration of citizen participation. You KNOW this thing has gone viral! And whatever it says, it's being said without a "this message approved by" or "this message paid for by" tag line...

In other words, on the internet, there are those candidates that accept the truth that they cannot control their message - and just hope that everyone spells their names right. And then there are those OTHER candidates who, realizing they cannot control the message or the spin that unpaid individuals put on their words in order to promote them, simply ignore the whole thing as being unimportant.

There's a word for those candidates: "Losers."

I keep coming back to Ron Paul, but it's exactly things like this that have been pulling in the big bucks. Ron Paul is the first actual candidate to go viral himself. Now, what that means for the other Republican candidates - indeed, what it means for the other Democratic candidates - remains to be seen. But I think this bodes to be the most interesting campaign in living memory.
Of course, there is that tiny, nagging little question as to whether our votes will ever be counted, but we have time to fix that. And fix the bastards what unfixed it.

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Dr. T said...

That's pretty cute.


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