Monday, December 17, 2007

From the people who obsess about "stranger danger."

People who discuss Focus On The Family and similar groups tend to look at what such groups are against: gays, abortion, contraception, pornography, sex in general. But there hasn't been enough attention to the sort of things such groups are for. What sort of families do they focus on? What do they think about how children should be raised?
Let's start with James Dobson himself. The quotations below are from his 1992 book The New Dare To Discipline, quoted by Dogemperor, himself a survivor of Christian child abuse, and Stop the Rod. When I use the term "child abuse" here I am referring to physical, not sexual abuse. Of course, as with any quotations, readers should check their accuracy. But having checked Dobson's web sites, I see no reason to doubt Dogemperor.
Dobson's wife whipped their 15 month old daughter for going onto the patio in the rain. Dobson says to show "parental warmth after such discipline" and to have a "loving conclusion to the disciplinary encounter." p. 36
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The current social panic about pedophilia may well be a valid concern - but it's also a distraction from one of the most distressing realities of our time; that if a child is abused, it's rare for them to be first abused by a stranger.

Spiritual, physical and sexual abuse most often occurs within the safety of the home - and since perps do love to justify their acts to themselves, they very often join authoritarian religions that encourage and even sanctify their taste for imposing their will upon others.

It's also interesting to read these books and imagine what sort of mindset it would create. Well, it's not all that hard to imagine, the first crop of evangelical home-schooled and regularly beaten children, the ones that did not go mad and who followed in the footsteps their fathers set out for them have now been liberally appointed to higher offices.

Consider for yourself, the fruits of this tree.

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