Monday, December 17, 2007

Moyers And Olbermann: Emergency Rules of Journalism

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In a revealing interview with Bill Moyers, Keith Olbermann talks about the genesis of his Countdown special comments, how he almost quit his current show in 2003 when MSNBC tried to force him to air and commentary by Mike Savage and also how he has transferred his considerable skills as a sports journalist to covering the world of politics. Part of the trick for Keith was maintaining the same sense of skepticism he did about the star athletes he covered when covering politicians in Washington. Check out the video to your right for this meeting of two progressive media titans.

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The best, and I think the most important part of this dialogue comes toward the end, when Moyers hands Olbermann a very tough question - and Olbermann gives what I think is a very interesting and important answer:

It amounts to this: that yes, he is doing what "The other side does," but he then goes on to say that the situation is so emergent that he has no choice.

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