Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cher to stand in for Celene Dion at Ceaser's Palace

Cher Tickets at Caesars Palace, woot.

Clearly, this is the the work of international Gay Lifestyle Activists.

I feel just a little strange about cheering that Cher has been tapped to replace Celene Dion for this gig, because I'm Canadian. But Celene is one of those things Canadians are OK with feeling ambivalent about. You can't say she's a bad singer. Many adore her, too. And yet for many, she leaves us with the aftertaste of rice pudding after a course of vegan whole-grain gruel.

So wholesome, you could just die.

And even though I'm not gay, I simply adore Cher. I wouldn't call her UNwholesome, but she's got edges you could cut yourself on. She's one of the people who could and should cover Leonard Cohen's stuff - but doesn't, perhaps because it's expected.

I think of her as Mae West's love child with Caruso. Singer, sex goddess and pipes that go all the way down to her little pinkie toes, and if I were inclined to be surrounded by the sort of mad, whooping gala crowd filled with fabulous people and their moms, grannies and extended families - I'd be there.

Celine is a concert. Cher is an event!

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