Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Republican Fork You

The Republican Fork You
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I think I blogged this some months back, but now that the elections are heading toward us like an elephant stampede, it's wise to remember what this is all about.

Feel free to steal and pass this around - click thru to get the biggest version!

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Stacy said...

Ha, that's awesome, I gotta spread this around.

You know, reading your other post below, funny thing for me about this election-- as someone who's been a Dem for almost 2 decades running-- is that Hillary Clinton is the one candidate I absolutely will not vote for. Ever.

Not that I expect her to be likable, just moderately tolerable and able for at least one moment to hold back her and her husband's narcissism for the greater good. The crypto-racist crap from the campaign, all the innuendos about Obama as a drug-dealer or a Manchurian candidate with Muslim madrassah ties, not to mention Bill's own comment-- I mean, slander, through and through.

Then Obama stays cool and doesn't make any accusations against the Clintons, and yet the Clintons still try to tar him as someone using the race card. Unbelievable!

I thought that was bad enough, but the dumb-as-dirt lawsuit being brought by Hillary's allies and with Bill Clinton's public endorsement, to close the polling places in the casinos in Nevada, is just flat-out anti-democratic and un-American. They decided on this system about 9 months ago, and in return for holding the caucuses on a Saturday (convenient for the teachers' union), the tradeoff was that there would be polling stations in the casinos since the Culinary Workers have to work on Saturdays.

The polling stations aren't restricted to Culinary Workers either, anyone in the precinct can vote there, so the lawsuit is utterly baseless. It's little more than an attempt to make voting difficult for some people (i.e., those who would be more likely to vote for a candidate other than Hillary) and thus to disenfranchise the voters of Nevada. Not even Karl Rove could have come up with something like this.

This lawsuit was the last straw for me, and I'll never vote for Hillary now. I don't care if she's nominated.

In fact, we were talking about the lawsuit in the office the other day-- most of us being Democrats-- and among us, almost a dozen, not a single one will vote for Hillary. Even if she's nominated. The level of anger is that intense. Some would break for McCain. Some would write in David Spade or some cute name in the President's section. Others would stay home and get their hair done. But none of us would vote for Hillary. She's alienated us far too severely for that.


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