Monday, January 07, 2008

Coming Out Multiple

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Coming Out Multiple
Coming out as Multiple is as difficult in it's own way as coming out
as queer, or coming out as being any of a dozen "things," ranging from
radical feminist to radical pro-life. There comes a time, though, with
all such "things," that you need to stand up and be counted for your
beliefs, or your sexuality, or your very self in order for that
self-definition to be meaningful.
One can't be a radical pro-lifer without getting public about it. One
can't be a radical feminist without getting up the noses of oppressive
patriarchs. One can't be a Republican without apologising for Rush...
well, maybe you can, but you ought to feel bad about it.
The only difference between standing up and being counted as one of these
other things and standing up and being counted as a Multiple is that
it takes a little longer. And some would uncharitably suggest that
the result is an irrational number.
Copyright 1996, 1997
Bob King

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A little thing I wrote years and years ago that I'm pretty proud to say is still regularly cited.

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