Monday, February 04, 2008

It's almost time for your ritual squishing.

It came up in my email, the fact that I'd sold a pink tie with this design. And that made me go - oh, yes, it IS that time, isn't it?

And with two women in the household, neither of which are particularly inclined to go, and will not go without a hand-holding, this is a logistically difficult time, so the reminder is welcome.

Now, if you would like to use these graphics for your blog, it's both free and legal. And it's ok with me even if you copy the images and upload them, but you can remote source them by simply going to my Webcarve store (link below) and picking the graphic you want, choosing the "link to this" option, and then choosing the options you'd like.

If you actually sign up, you could possibly make a few dollars for yourself or any cause you would like to benefit. (An obvious one leaps to mind, of course.)

I've got a number of Zazzle products available, just in case, and the markups are low enough that someone else bought a ton of stickers, and customized them. So I figured, you might want to do the same, and I'm willing to set up a custom product for any US or Canadian group that asks me.

I mainly have my Zazzle account to illustrate my blog, and it works just as well for any other group. Furthermore, your group could just make a few nickels to help the cause. If you'd like your own zazzle store, I'd be happy to set it all up for you, but I have no idea what I did with the original for this design, so you'd need to supply your own.

This is the design I'm most proud of, as it has a much more personal feel to it. I admit it, I'm a guy, and breasts have a certain thing that they do to the male brain. I'm given to understand that they are equally vital to a woman, emotionally - but that's an intellectual understanding. This captures my visceral feeling. It was originally created on a men's black shirt, and I still think that's the best, but if you are a woman, there's a choice of several pink tees.

I happen to think that's sexist. I look awsome in pink.

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