Monday, February 04, 2008

Thinking about a Colonial Progression?

The current US economy makes a visit to the Colonies very attractive, but of course Homeland Security is doing it's best to give a hearty Eff Youse to those of you who wish to bring pockets bulging with pounds and euros our way. But there's a way around that. offers cheap flights to Toronto, which as geographically unimpaired persons, you will realize is not at all far from The Other Side of the River. And trust me, international arrivals in any US destination - especially east coast - are best avoided. So do as we Colonials do and use the closest neighbor as your international airport of choice. Then simply take the train. Customs is ever so much easier that way.

Once you are on The Other Side, of course, you will be able to travel via the eastern seaboard's extensive commuter rail network, so you won't need to rent a car and try to drive on the wrong side of the road.

Besides, a proper east or west coast tour includes either Toronto and parts east or Vancouver and South. If you are coming from the UK, Victoria is probably a bit of a busman's holiday. But there's much to see and do in Vancouver - and at this time of the year, you can Ski-hop all the way down the Cascades and Rockies from there.

That last would be a vacation to remember for years. If you like the cold and the wet and the snow, that is to say.

Me, I'll be staying inside, cursing the beautiful fresh powder that is blanketing my yard with cartoon fluff that seems to have been dumped on me by God's special effects department. To me, it's cold toes and curses, but to Nevada's tourism industry - it's white gold. Honestly, I've never in my life seen snow like this - perfect dry powder. So if you are a ski-bunny, it's time to do the Tahoe.

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