Sunday, August 10, 2008

I hope it's not satire...

But I'm afraid it is; zie also makes fun of Saint Michael (La Wiener Sauvage) by making awful sausage puns. Only cripto-leftist running dogs make sausage puns.

Conservatives tell fart jokes!

Anyhoo, you may see why I wished to be confused; Blanca writes exactly the sort of thing a freeper would write, were they smart enough to realize how dumb you have to be to have not been banned by 2008. Think how hard it must be to not say anything intelligent or consequential for that entire time.

And it's not just IQ; my wife is a special educator, and it's her observation that it requires brainiac level horsepower to be that consistent; even consistently stupid. I mean, consider that neither William F. Buckley or indeed Pat Buchanan have been so wrong about so much at such length.

Of course, neither one is much of a fan of The Collective Wisdom of Our Sacred Culture.
Blanca DeBree Blog: An Open Letter to the Dipshits at ARRA News Service - Arkansas Republican Assemblies: "the Democrats are running a black guy, and anyone seen attacking him are being taken as racist. The media got skittish with Condi and decided that anyone saying anything bad about Obama was a racist.

Of course it seems to be easier to pin racism on Republicans. Don't know why. Maybe it's because of all of our surrogates who call him a Halfrican American or fat radio hosts who practically play it up in black face.

And what are we left with now? An idiot who can barely stumble on the stage and deliver an incoherent speech. And it is the fault of morons like you. We should have run your ilk out of the party years ago when the ran out the homos and Negroes."
More Family Friendly than the Rude Pundit, more subtle than Jesus's General and far bluer in background than Redstate, it's Blanca DeBree, who if not actually a flaming drag queen, should change zir name.

Highly recommended.

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