Tuesday, August 12, 2008

On The Frontlines Of The Culture War: James Hartline Reports Exclusively!!!

Lesbians Terrorize San Diego Community
During Obscene Political Event
As Parents Are Forced To Keep Their Kids
Off The Streets To Protect Them
During The 2008 San Diego Dyke March.

Public Obscenities By Radical Lesbian Group
Spells Doomsday For Family Values
If Same-Sex Marriages Are Not Banned In California.

Warning: This Article Includes Evidence That Contains Graphic Language

Don't we all? Boobies are friendly and warm, soft and cushy.
How could anyone NOT heart Boobies?

Be afwaid, be vewwy vewwy afraid!
Public displays of affection between women might lead to...

James, vhat is zis between you undt your Muzzer?

The James Hartline Report: "Friday, August 08, 2008
National Outrage Over Lesbian March in San Diego
Comments have come flooding in on the report of lesbians marching through a San Diego neighborhood with profanity-filled signs and public displays of immorality.
Here is one of many Comments regarding the Lesbian March Through A San Diego Suburb that has terrified many families with children:

I wanted to see the "comments flooding in" and, to be honest, I wondered if the "profanity filled signs" were funny enough to put on t-shirts. I steeled myself to wade through several pages of the sort of xenophobic crap I'm used to seeing on sites such as this - but I was glad to be disappointed. The comment cited was pretty much the sum total of "the flood" in support. There were a few taking exception, far more politely than he deserved. As the only real support was unsigned, it could easily have come from Hartline himself - and considering his page rank is actually lower than mine, I'd say that's kinda likely.

But nonetheless, I was led to believe that there was much more to this story by this "flood of comments" than there actually was.

"Some gays shoot themselves in the foot once again. In trying to be accepted like regular people wanting to live regular lives, they parade their freaks for all to see...proudly even. These freaks are an embarrassment to those in the homosexual community who just want to live and not bring down anything in order to bring themselves up. So, these freaks will never have my sympathy. They got their attention, now they can kiss the respect that they want goodbye."
Ok, I've seen freaks flying their freak flags in Pride Parades before. I like that sort of thing. Hell, I AM that sort of thing. So, of course, I had to look...

Me, I see a crowd of normal-looking people who happen to be lesbians. They clearly ARE regular people living regular lives - without benefit of clergy. Doesn't seem to have done them any-much harm, either.

Many are parents, and those kids look suspiciously normal, too.

It's about as terrifying, as shocking and as perverted as a puppy stampede.

Perhaps you could have found actual "evidence" of something you could argue to be perverse, but the fact that you THINK you found abundant evidence makes me concerned for you. Truly.

The last thing I think of when I look at the parade is *hot*lesbian*sex*. Frankly, it was more along the lines of "aww, aint' they cute holding hands like that?"

And one person allegedly has a sign that says "I Heart my C*nt". Couldn't find it myself; I am apparently not obsessive enough. But, well, shouldn't she?

I mean, which is better, That Word used in a positive sense, or the fact that you clearly see all these women in the exact way that men like you mean when using That Word and all other references - connoting nasty, evil, vicious, prick-teasing, smelly...

Me, I just see a lot of women. At least one thinks her {(o)} is lovely. I'm sure it is, too. Or at least, I'd never be rude enough to disagree.

But clearly, you see that shaming her her dangerous vice of self-approval (and self-sufficiency, for that matter) as a mandate imposed by your personal faith. I intuit even more about the doctrine of your "faith" when you market this "vile event" as pornography, well, you do it for the same reason that pornographers do. To get the clicks which brings the money.

But, ya know, real porn delivers the full frontal goods. From you, we get a same-sex Hallmark card.

WHERE'S my HOT LESBIAN SEX, James? YOU PROMISED ME HOT LESBIAN SEX that would make the Eyes of The Children Bleed and Change our Families Forever!

Not only were the horses not scared, the ponies didn't even NOTICE!

The families looked just like... ah, I begin to garner a glimmer of your concern!

You'd be much less terrified if they were being conspicuously freaky. And as miserable as you are, you bitter old queen. Yes, I do mock. I do.

On the other hand, the fact that you can even MAKE your face do that while preachin' the Good News tells me that you ain't been mocked NEAR enough!

Nope, when you clearly loathe yourself to the very depths of your withered little soul, who am I to contest your self-assessment? All I do question is your ability to assess others. You know that proverb about "judge not, lest you be judged also?" Well, James, you are the poster boy for that proverb.

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