Saturday, November 15, 2008

Make Someone's Day Over There

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Military Flip MinoHD
Military Flip MinoHD

A video war diary for you or someone "over there." The Flip Minos are ideal for this misson; simple, compact and easy to use. It's solid state and ready to rock and roll.

Flip Video MinoHD puts the power of HD video in your pocket. MinoHD™ offers all the signature Flip Video features you love -- sleek design, simple user interface, flip-out USB arm, built-in editing and sharing software -- plus stunningly crisp, clear HD-quality video. MinoHD: the world's smallest HD camcorder.
  • Holds 60 minutes of HD-quality video on 4GB of built-in memory
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    This is actually my own design. What do you think? It's intended to be both whimsical and practical, it could be vital field equipment for a lot of soldiers - but you know how it is; it won't be issued. <br><br>
    It might be particularly useful for getting orders on the record - just, you know, in case.
    For most, I hope, it will be a really simple way of making a video diary for the folks back home.

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