Friday, December 26, 2008

What kind of Yo-Yo would buy this?

From the department of "Way cool, but why, dear Goddess, why?" This is actually green tech; you power it by flinging it around like a lunitic, while listening on the - get this - bluetooth headset!

8 Old School Toys That Got Badass Makeovers - Page 2 |

"In the past 80 or so years, the yo-yo has seen some pretty mundane innovations, such as a ball bearing axle for better spin efficiency and the addition of flashing lights, to name a few. But finally, someone has rolled up their sleeves and is ready to fuck shit up all over the yo-yo world. Meet the ReGEN; half yo-yo, half MP3 player and just a pinch retarded.

The most groundbreaking aspect of the design is the fact that apparently just 10-12 throws an hour will provide more than enough juice. Which is good news if you have a long drive to work, or have to take the crowded subway in your daily grind. It also holds up to 200 songs to ensure that your wrist gives out way before your music does.

'But,' we wondered, 'How do you listen to music if you're constantly throwing this little robot?' The answer is wireless Bluetooth headphones. Here's a thought: When the music-listening technology that comes with today's yo-yos is cooler and more advanced than the music-listening technology that came with portable CD players in our day, the youth of today officially rescinds its right to ever complain about anything. Ever."

Emphasis Mine: And get the hell off my lawn!

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