Friday, December 26, 2008

Neurotypical should not mean "abusive asshole." Don't you agree?

Autism Connect - 'Pattern of abuse of autistic children in Florida schools':
"Alex Barton has opened doors for parents of autistic children to get their message heard, said Palm Beach parent Phyllis Musumeci, mother of a teenage autistic boy.

Alex is the 5-year-old Port St. Lucie boy voted out of his Morningside Elementary classroom in May. Because of his case, the state Attorney General's office began an investigation into how autistic children are treated in schools. The office is trying to set up a meeting to talk with parents and others."
The local news has been all over it, and the local trogs are all over them for calling attention to what they see as a non-issue. And that's where I expected it to stay, frankly.

Perhaps I'm too cynical, perhaps the public outcry - from all sides - truly illustrated the dynamic at work. Or perhaps analysis of the situation from a legal standpoint, in light of IDEA, ADA and simple standards of professional competence was the "Come to Jesus" moment. But the revelation that Wendy Portilla is far from unique in her approach to children is not terribly surprising.

I would go further and suggest that various responses to the situation - accusing the parents of simply being "after the money" or that "kids like that" should be kept away from "normal kids" - show the obvious result of employing abusive assholes. It defines "abusive asshole" as a respectable standard, one to be emulated.

Call me crazy; many have - but I have a problem with "abusive asshole" being seen as "normal." It could explain a lot that is wrong with the US in general and Florida in particular.

Posted by gordongecko on July 12, 2008 at 6:58 a.m.

This entire story has turned my stomach from day one. Only in a society this eskewed would the minority seek to influence the majority. Why should one child be allowed to disrupt an entire class? Unfortunately, liberal do-gooders and the media have been able to make "normal" people feel guilty and "disadvantaged" people feel special. In other words, minority rule. It has become a case whereby the majority should suffer because God forbid you offend one person.

Let me tell you folks, life ain't fair...and people are NOT created equal. This is not and should not be a mutually inclusive society but rather a mutually exclusive society. Punishing a teacher for looking after the interests of 20 students should be rewarded. Instead, we villify her for the sake of 1. This mother needs to recognize one thing. Your child is different. He needs special education.

The fact that this person is most likely a graduate of the Florida educational system, along with the fact that the Florida educational system might not actually understand why that would be a problem is the reason why Fark has a "Florida" tag.

Oh, I encourage you to go read the whole thread to see how much trouble I took to find the one rotten apple in the barrel.

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