Tuesday, December 16, 2008

TINC, John Best; TINC!

Larry Welkowitz, Ph.D.A poses a rhetorical question that will make John Best's head explode.

I wonder if the next frontier in diversity or "multiculturalism" might not be moving beyond the color of your skin or one's ethnicity, but instead "neurodiversity." We are all neurologically unique...some of us have funny brains, some serious, some have autism or Asperger's. In other words, there is real diversity in how we process information. And, a challenge for the future is for people to understand this and to become interested in how we are different, and to appreciate those differences.
Yep. Ka-POW! Did you know we neurodiverse individuals were co-conspirators with the Bavarian Illuminati? Holy Adam Wieshaupt, Batman! (Yes, it's an anti-vax thing. It's John Best. It's always anti-vax.)

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