Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Regarding Bobby Jindal

I'm writing this as my immediate reaction to Bobby Jindal's response to the State of the Union. Any moderately well informed 8th grader could detect it's manifold failures of logic, but I'll not bother with that, because, well, I wish to give seventh grade level bloggers something to aspire to.

No, my comment is simple, and it would be exactly what any qualified competitive speech coach would tell you.


From whatever standard I apply, from Martin Luther King to Westbrook Pegler, from JFK to Churchill, from the workmanlike prose of Ron Paul to the revivalist pyrotechnics of Al Sharpton - that speech sucked.

Now, it was a damn tough act to follow. It would have been a position a man better aware of personal and circumstantial limitations would have found some reason to avoid, but if force to the podium by gunpoint, would have applauded a magnificant speech, and then simply pledged to hold the president to every word of it.

But then, if you were a prudent, conservative man with any degree of situational awareness, I don't suppose you'd be touted as one of the rising stars of the Republican Party at this particular moment in history.

If I were judging you by competitive speech standards, you would most likely not get to go on to Nationals. On the other hand, Sirrah, I'm quite sure every Democrat is delighted at the prospect.

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