Monday, March 02, 2009

Outside The Goldwater Limit

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I'm coining a new term. The Goldwater Limit. Anything further than one AU from center is incapable of naturally supporting intelligent life.

In related news, the Republican Imperial Martian Compound runs low on tinfoil and duct-tape; aid appeals sent to Uranus.

This is one of those stories I do where the story is about reactions to stories. In this case, it's a DKos diary referencing RedState, LGF and Freep reactions, the reactions there, and to top it all off, the Digg threads regarding all the above. I'm starting to wonder if I should even bother reading the original stories any more...

Nah. But it's important to realize it's the reactions that are driving the story these days - and most importantly, the people like Rush who are trying to make up stories to fit the expectations of their audiences, who seem to have less and less connection with reality.

The deeper and more significant aspect of this is that it seems apparent that Obama set this up with a casual remark, saying in a throwaway comment that people had to "quit listening to Rush Limbaugh if you want to get things done." He let the yeast rise a little -"exploded" might be a better word - and then sent out Rahm Emmanuel to hail the resultant wisdom of the crowd across the asile.

The end result - winguntta has exploded, trying to 'get active' and force the Republican party farther to the right, to join with them in their belief and demand that Obama must fail.

Since rational people have some appreciation of what happens to a nation when critical policy initiatives actually do fail - whatever disagreements you might have about what you may think they should have been, as opposed to what they happen to end up being - this has had the effect of peeling off significant numbers of Republicans. Oh, not to the Democratic party, or to the Left - but they have no home in the RepublRedneck Recovery Planican party, and no-one speaking intelligently on their behalf.

And that leaves Obama - who is a died in the wool pragmatist and a skilled consensus builder whom I would personally peg as being Center-Right - well, the point is, he hasn't uttered anything conspiciously stupid, and he doesn't spit when he talks.

Meanwhile, back at dKos - the Schadenfreude is so deep you need hip waders.

Ben Smith notes today that Erickson has joined Limbaugh in rooting for Obama's failure. (h/t to Setrak) The RedState founder is even trying to recruit new "soldiers" for the RedState Strike Force, "to undermine Barack Obama's agenda and [help] him fail." Oh Noes!!!


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Steele Bows Down To Limbaugh: ‘No Attempt On My Part To Diminish His Voice Or His Leadership’
We may now visualize the "Hip-Hop" RNC leader with a tastful, decorative clock featuring Rush Limbaugh's face hanging from a Rebel Flag lanyard.

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