Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Mighty Wind Is Breaking

NOM Launches "2M4M" Really.:

File this under "Stuff You Just Can't Make Up". First we had the unintentionally hilarious "teabaggers", now we have the National Organization for Marriage. They are the folks who produced this ridiculous "scary" ad:

Now they are formally launching a campaign called "2 Million for Marriage" which they have so helpfully abbreviated for us as "2M4M". No, really. I swear to God.

What's even better is that they apparently didn't register the domains for their campaign before they announced it either. The URL is, shall we say, less than sympathetic to NOM's cause.

You just can't make this stuff up.

But wait! There's MORE! Nothing like that can be posted on YouTube without a cascade of responses. This is aside from the snarky comments and the single star rating (the aggragate of 1,826 as of writing this).

Let's leave the windup for Rachel Maddow.

Wait... what was that about teabaggers?

UPDATE: The Gay Divas & Icons Remix! Crude, but effective!

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