Sunday, August 01, 2010

Ignatieff - "In the middle of the word accountability is the word count"

Michael Ignatieff is making a damn solid point. It's the sort of point a conservative leader should be making; that your government is only as good as the data it has on hand... unless of course you are governing to American Conservative standards, where "post-modernism" and wishful thinking have taken the place of facts.

The allergy of the modern Western Conservative to facts in evidence is akin to a virus, and it's spread, methinks, by the like of Rupert Murdoch, who's propagandist organs are waved in our faces daily.

God forbid a government should actually do some hard science to find out what it's citizens, it's small business communities, it's regions and it's future require in terms of sensible and sustainable public policy. That sounds like something that notorious communist, Barry Goldwater might say.

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