Wednesday, March 15, 2006



"..we need to bring up emotions and spiritual context. We need to remind Americans that we have great ethics, strong consciences, courage and love for this country. We need to tell them that we care about our neighbors, that we care about this wonderful world and the plants and animals in it, that we care about the future, that we care about peace and prosperity and that we are strong in the defense of all good things."

Oh, and as Echidne was quoting Digby, I will too.

This is an election about throwing the bums out and Democrats need to make a clear statement of fundamental values, not policy differences. Some strategists insist that Democrats must adopt the religious code words that Republicans use to signal character and values to evangelical voters. I would suggest that all Americans, religious and secular alike, share a language that is full of words that describe character and values. How about we start using some plain English words like unethical, dishonest, unfair, untrustworthy, dishonorable and lies. I think everybody can understand what those mean.

And that pretty much covers anything I could have said.


stranger said...

hey there, a new graphic truth! i was wondering what happened to ya!

Bob King said...

I was trying to be my own IT guy. Serendipity needed an update... and BOOM!


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