Saturday, March 18, 2006

King's Corollary to Godwn's Law

"When you realize that your opponent actually IS a Nazi, no further discussion is needed. Your Grandfather knew what to do about Nazis and so do you."

"The Sudden Moments of Clarity

I had one of those when I went over to the Eschaton to read what Atrios has dug up today. One of the posts was about some wingnut woman telling us that women must have more children and less fun having sex without consequences, and another post was about the preparation for a new war against Iran and the lying that must be carefully turned into facts first. I had one of those click moments, moments when you actually see a theory turned into facts.

Here we have the militant type of patriarchy preparing to waste more lives of young men and here we have the same patriarchy telling women to make more young men to kill this way.

Oh, there is even more clarity to be had.

Lebensborn was one of several programs initiated by Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler to secure the racial heredity of the Third Reich. Following the end of the Second World War it has become a widespread notion that this particular program intended to secretly establish houses where the Nazi regime would methodically breed, through copulation, racially pure humans to create a strong race of Aryans.

Now, in searching for that citation, I fond this quotation, which sounds oddly familiar.

A dictate from Hitler in October of 1938 stated: "All means, even if they are not in conformity with existing laws and precedents, are legal if they subserve the will of the F├╝hrer."

See King's Corollary to Godwin's Law, above.

If I could be bothered, I'm quite sure it would be possible to turn up half a dozen or more vastly apt quotations from various well-known Fascists about the utility of a state of perpetual warfare - and the fate of seasoned line officers who disagreed with them.

But it would be somewhat redundant at this point.

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