Wednesday, April 12, 2006

An Enlightening Fog of Lies and Evasions.

Our leaders think by refusing to tell us "certain things" that we will not have the ability to discern what those "certain things" are.

But if you read the ongoing story regarding FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds the patterns of refusals starts building a vague shape that lead to a pretty safe assumption: that there has been a pattern of political interference to protect the leadership of Saudi Arabia from questions by our press and by our investigatory bodies.

What might we find? One does not have to speculate as to that; we merely need presume that it's something we would profoundly disapprove of. It is stupid to tolerate such interference with national security for anyone's political comfort, or for the sake of diplomatic niceity nor is it wise to trust anyone who interferes in such matters and then hides behind "national security" in order to avoid accountability.

National Security is not the same thing as "Personal Political Survival."

I do not care if the Saudis were complicit in 9/11 in conspiracy with likeminded Dominionists and Theocrats here, as some would suggest. It's equally likely the Saudis would be deeply embarrassed by revelations that they were deeply tied to and directly supported Osama Bin Ladin - for reasons they perhaps felt good and proper.

Or it could just have been State Department collywobbles about interrogating the leaders of a sovereign nation that controls a big hunk of our energy supply.

But conspiracy, cowardence or calculation matters not in comparison to the sheer idiocy of thinking that if the government does not investigate, nobody else will consider doing so, or consider the "shape" revealed in the fog of lies.

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