Monday, April 17, 2006

A Right Wing and a Prayer

AGITPROP: Version 3.0, Featuring Blogenfreude: Red Meat For The Right Wing: "Red Meat For The Right Wing"

"Lets say your right-wing, fascist party has problems ... your president lied about, well, pretty much everything; your Vietnam-type war-of-choice isn't going so well; your vice president is polling below Goering; your new war has been exposed; your supporters are abandoning you; and your legislative agenda is in the dumpster along with most of your Homeland Security appointees. What to do?"

Ignore the real problems. Hammer the talking points, and throw a gay marriage amendment out onto the table to appease Gary Bauer and the rest of the Religious Reich.

Pro-family promises 'not kept'

GOP leaders long have known that the war and merely riding the coattails of a second-term president could disillusion their base.

If there was any doubt, conservatives issued a concise warning last month. Four groups representing evangelical Christians said an internal survey found that 63 percent of "values voters" -- identified as evangelical Christians whose priorities include outlawing abortion and banning same-sex marriage -- "feel Congress has not kept its promises to act on a pro-family agenda."

The Family Research Council, which headlined the survey, also announced it would hold a "Values Voter Summit" in September to "raise the bar of achievement for this Congress." At the top of the agenda could be a call for new leadership in Congress if those in power have not acted on social conservatives' issues.

Some leaders read the warning signs early.

The House has approved an amendment to the Constitution to outlaw flag burning and passed a bill to crack down on the practice of minors' crossing state lines for abortions to evade legal limits in their own states

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tennessee, and a possible presidential candidate in 2008, announced early this year that the Senate would consider those and the anti-gay marriage amendment that has failed in both chambers despite Bush's endorsement.

The irony, of course, is that voting for these "family values" issues will not promote any positive values that they claim. Banning gay marriage will not save one straight one. Banning legal abortion will simply promote even worse choices. And as for making flag-burning illegal... talk about your symbolic idiocies! Not to mention idolotries.

I happen to think it a tasteless act, but the first amendment clearly protects such acts of tasteless communication. And the bible forbids idolatry; the investing of objects with false spiritual value.

And CNN will be filled with images of the rest of the world torching our flag, urinating on our flag, the internet will be filled with offers of "patriotic" toilet paper; we will be mocked, and justly so, for our evident and ignorant hypocrisy.


Blogenfreude said...

And don't forget those 40,000 Iranian suicide bombers waiting in the wings! Thanks Dear Leaker!

Bob King said...

I have been mentioned by a dispacher! :P Thank you!


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