Thursday, April 20, 2006

Will somebody please give bush a blow job so we can impeach him!

Will somebody please....
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I saw this slogan first on a Cafepress t-shirt and it seems to have spread all over by now.

My point is not to sell t-shirts (and really big, telegenic POSTERS) with this post, though of course that isn't an UNWELCOME result. You may note I have no "tip jar." I GIVE tips like this, instead.

Anyway, this underlines something I've said many times, many ways, over and over since 2000, and it's something I heard Randi Rhodes echo on the air day before yesterday.

It's up to all of us to do something, and wearing a t-shirt that slams an idea as visceral as this into the heads of fellow Americans is one of the best things you can do. It's a better way to spend your political money, in my humble opinion, than sending money to campaigns for media buys.

You see, most campaigns simply cannot afford to get you to do something so virally powerful.

This slogan has everything; first, it's speaking toward an obvious truth; Bill Clinton was censured and impeached for acts that are trivial compared to what Bush has done. The reasons Bush has not yet been impeached is the same reason that Clinton was - Politics.

When playing the right wing becomes more important than doing the right thing, it's time to get rid of ALL of them.

BOTH the senate and the house have become rubber stamps for white-house policy. That's why GWB feels he can treat public outrage with dismissive contempt.

And that is why you need to do one thing right now; this very second:

Forward this post to every single adult human you know. You see, this isn't about politics any more. Politics is supposed to be a means to serve an end; to promote and defend the general welfare of the citizens and provide for the common defense.

I believe that in the case of our general welfare and security as citizens, particularly in the Gulf Coast, and of course anywhere in the Middle East, we have evidence of a continuing, massive and miserable failure.

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