Saturday, May 06, 2006

Why Did the Chickenhawk Cross the Road?

I've had this image up for some time on Cafepress, and I just had occasion to re-examine the page. I try and create relevent and interesting promotional copy, but in this case, I outdid myself - and it's trenchant enough and long enough that it probably affects sales negatively.

Well, almost certainly. I've only sold one - other than my own. And yet you have to admit, it's a powerful image!


Why Did the Chickenhawk Cross the Road? : GraphicDesign :

"I'm damn tired of those who support the war just as far as it takes to slap a magnet on their pickup and say nasty things to liberals in email.

I'm tired of the gutless wonders whose real motivation for supporting the war is the visceral thrill they get equating American military power with their own tiny little penises.

And I'm especially tired of the chickenhawks who call into Liberal talk radio, are given a chance to express real, logical, reasoned positions supporting the war - there are many arguable reasons for doing so - and simply utter dumbass shit they picked up from Rush or Hannedy or Savage, none of which are noted for their ability to rub two thoughts together themselves.

When this is met with argument they are stunned, and generally immediately say something obscene, racist, utterly ignorant or all three at once.

They, and the people who started this war of lies, are bullies. They picked a target they thought was weak, a 'walkover,' a 'cakewalk' - targets that they thought nobody would or could defend, free fire-zones for dickwaving and posturing.

And like all bullies, they cannot imagine a universe in which they do not get their way. Nor can they defend their actions or beliefs intelligently, because thinking about what they do would make them have to think "

There's more. LOTS more... but perhaps a little modesty is in order. Posted by Picasa

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