Thursday, May 04, 2006

Truth can be Tragic.

Idol Study: You Really, Really Like Simon

According to a study released by Pursuant, Inc., 58 percent of poll respondents who have voted for American Idol say they respect Simon Cowell's opinion the most. That's more than double the 26 percent who favor Randy Jackson, and don't even get me started on Paula Abdul and her measly 6 percent backing. "It's not surprising," one expert says of the study. "American Idol... is reality-television's Cinderella story [and Cowell] is symbolic of the cutthroat underside to the fairy tale." Other findings: 35 percent believe their Idol votes count as much or more than voting in a U.S presidential election; fans are more likely to be from the South (39 percent) and least likely to be from the West (19 percent); and 73 percent of voters are tone-deaf women.
Sometimes the only thing you can do about the reality that some people can't handle reality is shake your head - and then thank all the Odd Gods of the Galaxy they do not contribute to the public forum.

Especially Southern women who think American Idol voting is as or more important than voting for President.

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