Tuesday, May 02, 2006

You Might be an Aspie If:

You Might be an Aspie If:

...your boss says, "Do such and such", and you can't do it until you know "why", because you are not going to waste your time on doing something that doesn't make sense.

...you have dreams of communicating with extraterrestrials and nightmares about chatting with the next-door neighbour.

...you go to buy butter and come back with 12 different items, none of which is butter.

...whenever someone freaks out about a spider, snake, mouse, angry dog etc. they will call you because you can deal with almost all animals. 5 extra points if they have your number on speed dial, 10 extra points if police is one of them.

...your SO has to wait with using the comp because if you stop what you are working at you'll never get it right later.

...your aunt had an accident while she was out with the dog, and you ask if the dog is alright.

…you're told "You need to get all your ducks lined up" before you do such-and-such, so you interrupt your interruptions to go to Toys 'R Us, buy a dozen rubber duckies, being them home, and set them in a line on the table, then proudly proclaim that you're ready to do whatever-it-was.

...your teacher commands every one in the room to pair-off to discuss a topic and you are extremely relieved that no one wants to be your partner.

...you don't think an aspie board would be very authentic without some argumentative pontificating...

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