Sunday, August 20, 2006

Black Ribbon on Black

Black Ribbon on Black

Black Ribbon on Black
Black Ribbon on Black, originally uploaded by Graphictruth.

In support of the flickr-basedblack ribbon campaign and the Mondo Uno blog.

I offer a white background too.

Why? To remind me of the importance of doing something postive and construcive every day. To remind me that to end war, there needs to be a common basis for peace, and there is nothing more common to humanity that the love we have for our children.

Use this image as you wish, with attribution, including commercial use and sale.

It will very soon appear on zazzle at* and on cafepress at

The idea is to get this idea out into the world, and my best medium is the t-shirt. It's a great feeling to see a bull republican do a triple-take in the supermarket, I can tell you. I think this may be as powerful as my Chickenhawk tee.

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