Sunday, August 20, 2006

"Imperfect" ?

Originally uploaded by Bum Fluff.

I like to feature the Graphic Truths others make available when I can; I am first and foremost a visual thinker, and this daring image is as subtly provocotive as anything I have seen.

On first blush, it seems to be a perfectly ordinary nude torso, cropped in a way as to evade censorious response. Indeed, it's very nearly a cliche'; the sort of image that is in every photographer's art-school portfolio.

But, cliche's are called that because they work. We are drawn into the image and find to our astonishment that this ample and commonplace landscape of flesh has... stretch marks!

And they are quite beautiful. One can easily imagine their texture, a tactile map of shared history, or evidence of what has come before.

We become aware that beuty exists within all, in every context - or at least it can, have we the courage to show it, and convince those who do not yet know enough to believe.

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