Sunday, August 20, 2006

Jesus's General Provides Pretext for Image Warz!

Jesus' General

JG is well noted for his infammatory rhetoric, but this time, he has Gone Too Far, in exposing the Dark Heart of Nascar.

It was otherwise a reasonable post, giving the JG blessing to Ron Boehme, GOP canditate for the Washington House of Representatives.

Candidate claims America deserves punishment

Published: August 16th, 2006 01:00 AM
Ron Boehme, a candidate for House Position 2 in the 26th Legislative District, wrote on his organization’s Web site, “I am a prophet,” and claimed that God audibly talks to him. He then went on to say that “America is a wicked nation that deserves to be punished.”

I am very uncomfortable with any politician who claims to speak for God, especially one who wants to see America get, as Boehme says, “a severe spanking.”

I am a Bible-believing Christian and on Sept. 19, my primary vote is going to Trent England. He is also a Christian and has experience in legal and policy analysis. He will work to serve the people and has a hopeful view of our future.

It's a great day when a man with the same credentials as our God-Fearing, blessed President has become emboldened enough to claim the mantle of Prophecy as impetus to run for office! Surely our President's example of Just Christian Dominion and the blessings that have showered from heaven upon the heads of our people, both here and in Iraq are evidence enough of the favor of Divine Providence in this regard.

But back to the main point; the despicable perfidity of Jesus's General! There must be an answer to this apalling insult to the sensibilites of patriotic non-frenchmen!

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