Friday, August 11, 2006

Carter: Libertarian on issues of personal freedom.

Reno and Its Discontents»Blog Archive » Interview With Jack Carter: Future Senator From Nevada:
"I am a Democrat because to me Democrats are for the working men and women in America. That is the Democratic message for which our national party leaders search.

I am a Libertarian in personal freedoms. I believe the Constitution of the United States places the highest importance on our personal freedoms – they are specifically enumerated. The Federal government is potentially the most dangerous to our personal liberties and is therefore the most restricted. The states, of lesser danger, have the remainder."
I'm not sure I'd entirely agree that the states are of lesser danger; to the people as a whole, certainly, but from the individual perspective it's generally the States that are on the vanguard of ensuring that someone who is having fun somewhere stop it immediately.

I put more trust in the "or to the people" part of the enumeration clause.

But it's a very small nit to pick when contrasted with ... Ensign. For some reason I keep wanting to call him either Sen. Exxon or Enron. Can't imagine why. Because whenever I see him, I think I'm looking at Don Wier.

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