Wednesday, August 09, 2006

An Insult from the Junior Senator from Nevada

Daily Kos: An Insult from the Junior Senator from Nevada: "An Insult from the Junior Senator from Nevada"

Xpost from my extremely infrequent DKos diary.

I wrote an email via to my elected representatives as a citizen of nevada. I didn't hear from our Minority Leader, whatsisname, which I expected. I didn't hear from George Bush, either. But it appears that Sen. Ensign had a form letter to return on this issue of massive importance.

But just ONE form letter. It's so amazingly arrogant that I just had to share it with you-all.

This is an official communication from the Office of Senator John

Any tampering or alteration of this communication is prohibited and may

result in criminal investigation or prosecution.

Wait. It gets better!

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