Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It's about the Bush Cooties, folks.

What did last night mean? | FP Passport

What it means is simple, folks. The voters had a choice between a rich white guy they knew ALL about, and no clear position on anything other than staying in power and a rich white guy willing to be four million dollars LESS rich to take the bastard on over a single issue of principle.

It's not that Lamont won - it's that Leberman lost. That's a message to all the spineless Dems that repubs like to portray as "moderates" because they mostly vote the way they are told to by the Majority Leader.

Me, I'm a middle of the road kinda guy, most days. But there are some things I hold to stubbernly, and one of them is this: a man who supports a lyin' bastard while knowng he is a lyin' bastard is to be respected and trusted LESS than said lyin' bastard himself.

If Lamont wins the seat in the end, well and good. If the winner is a freshman republican who's bruising experience causes them to have smelled the morning caffinated beverage on this point, also well and good.

The point is that Leberman lost. And sometimes it's a lot more important to be sure who does NOT win than to have backed the guy who does.

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