Saturday, September 30, 2006

Carter for Nevada, Collectables and Campaign Finance Reform

2006 Election Collectibles.

The first sale of a button went to Sam in Colorado. Thanks, Sam!

I expect that Sam is buying buttons to add to his collection of 2006 election memorabilia. Campaign buttons, stickers and other ephemera are highly prized because after the shouting is over, most of it hits the landfill.

Independently produced, short run items are a whole new area. It's quite possible that if nobody else buys one of these buttons, it will be the only one in existence!

Heck, that could triple it's value, perhaps more!

Ok, I haven't got a freakin' clue, but maybe a button collector will help us out with some real information. And if these collectibles are seriously collectible, we just may (tongue in cheek) have a simple means of campaign finance reform.

You see, I just used my available Cafecash to send 20 of Proud Non-Member Corrupt Bastards Club Stickers to Jack's campaign for them to distribute to donors, with the suggestion that they be signed.

I also sent Jack a shirt with a related design. I'm looking forward to seeing it on Youtube!

They are NOT official materials, of course. I am not in any way affiliated with the Carter Campaign.

But if signed, that makes them instant collectibles, easily worth the donation I suggested. This is my way of raising some real money for the campaign.

While I only bought twenty for the campaign, if you to show up with one, sharpie in hand, I'll betcha he'd sign it. But I suggest you donate an amount that is a fair representation of it's possible future value. $20 would not be out of line.

Meanwhile, I may just have to make some first day covers.

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