Wednesday, September 27, 2006

George, you say "Jewish" like it's a BAD thing!

Sen. George Allen of Virginia, being a good Right-Wing Christian and all, was no doubt praying to God for a way out of the mess his Macaque remark put him into.

And God or Providence responded with a golden political opportunity, one that, had he been capable of recognising it, might have saved his political career and perhaps even his Presidential ambitions.

He just forgot one thing. She has a helluva sense of humor!

Aspersions and Lies | The Daily Gotham

The details are widely known: a reporter at a public forum asked him about his supposed Jewish roots, and whether or why these were being hidden; and entirely true to the form revealed by the Macaca incident, Felix demanded that said reporter not "cast aspersions" on him.

Had Allen had the wit to say "Yes, I sure am Jewish, but I don't know a lot more than you do. I'm gonna have to trace my roots. I'm hoping I'm related to Golda Meir or David Ben-Gurian," he could have wrapped himself in the Star of David and just charmed his way out of the problem.

That's what a smart politician would have done.

A really stupid one, one stupid enough to be a self-made racist blurts out that he considers the idea of Jewishness to be "an Aspersion." No doubt that will come as a surprise to several Senatorial colleagues, and no doubt to some of them "libruls" at the Washington Post.

So that was God's little prank - assuming of course it was God's idea, and not the work of his mother. Ah, but She works in mysterious ways, her wonders to perform!

Etty Allen said she is relieved to no longer have to keep a secret about her past. She said she hopes the revelation does not hurt her son's bid for reelection to the Senate.

Indeed. Do you think a Jew from Tunis of her age could possibly be such a naif about the intersection of Jewishness and political consequence?

Well, I suppose it's possible, considering George's apparent IQ.

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