Thursday, May 31, 2007

Stylin' from Dilation

You have new Picture Mail!
Originally uploaded by Bob King.

I just got this photo off my phone; that's how I looked after my eye dilation, when my need for cataract surgery was confirmed a month ago. I'm due for surgery in July, but have my first pre-op consultation on the 18th of June. My wife is going nuts because now she's the Queen Of All Errands; I'm not safe to drive until I get my eyeballs working again, which between post-op recovery and new glasses could stretch out to late August.

Right now, one eye is useless for reading and the other is seriously degraded, and since it gets a tiny bit worse every day, my brain just can't catch up and cope. It really makes me tired and cranky.

Cranky enough to look forward to people playing with my eyeballs.

Meanwhile, they tell me that the anesthetic they are giving me isn't exactly - mostly it just makes you forget the whole experience afterwards. Yeah, cold comfort to a multiple - MORE repressed memories! Whee!

But we have to do it for the littles - they are getting seriously reading-deprived. I'm probably going to celebrate by catching up on my Honor Harrington!

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