Sunday, May 27, 2007

TPM Via Firedoglake - The AG Scandal Money Quotes

Just when I think I'm done for the day, I run into this:
TPM - Last week, we learned that prosecutor purge scandal had wreaked so much havoc at the Justice Department that no one wants to apply to replace Paul McNulty as the Deputy Attorney General. ("I'd rather trade places with Jose Padilla," joked Viet Dinh, a former senior Justice official under then-Attorney General John Ashcroft.)

This week, we learn that no one wants to be a Bush-appointed U.S. Attorney, either.
Well, now; ain't THAT a fine kettle of fish. Whoda thunk that being a US Attorney could be a bad thing to have on your resume. Today, it seems, it means you are either a completely unethical Bush hack, or so desperate for a job, you'll do anything for money.
Firedoglake - Firedoglake weblog » Tales From The Department Of Justice: "The fact that even conservatives are running away from the Bush-tainted DoJ in droves, and refusing to be considered for positions either at the Department itself or as USAs ought to be of great concern to all of us. (H/T TPM.) Prosecutions for criminal conduct must be undertaken with seriousness, and where positions remain unfilled, the communities that are meant to be served suffer. Everywhere. After reading through all of this, and considering that Rep. Conyers has asked for more testimony from Moschella and McNulty, and has expressed concerns about testimonial veracity questions about AG Gonzales as well, I can only say: more of this openness from folks who are fed up and disgusted, please. It is about damned time — because only full and complete sunshine on all of this is going to save the DoJ. "
Gee, I wonder what would happen should it become apparent there was equivalent unrest at the Pentagon and CIA.

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