Tuesday, June 19, 2007

1% is not enough, recruit, recruit, recruit!

Autism Diva: Where are these 1 in 166 autistics?:
"Where are these 1 in 166 autistics?
The increasing diagnosis of autism may be being accompanied by a decrease of other diagnoses, and it may be just that more people know what autism looks like now.

The largest part of the increase in autism among the California DDS numbers is in high functioning autistics, though the calamity howlers would have you believe that we have low functioning autistics coming out of our collective pores."
My analysis went in a parallel direction - given we are such a large threat to the status quo, I'd have thought we would be having a more profound effect. As far as I can tell, the only affect we are having is on fund raising efforts - and perhaps some impact on the overuse of mercury in medicine and industry. It probably won't change anything for us, but as Martha would say, "It's a Good Thing."

There are a total of 176,465 clients of all types in the Cal DDS system (cerebral palsy, mental retardation, autism and epilepsy are the main dxs) if you divide the total population of California by the whole case load of the California DDS you get 1 DDS client per 201 Californians.

We still aren't up to 1 in 166 now are we?

If you go to www.oddizm.com you can find links to more analyses of the stats that are badly abused to support a non existent autism epidemic. As usual with medical panics in the US, the media and advocates are in cohoots to create the most sensational story - and suppress the real one.

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