Thursday, June 21, 2007

Attenion Ron Paul: I present The No Stupid Rules Amendment

I am a libertarian and a constitutionalist - in that order. Ron Paul seems to reverse that order, but I may be wrong. In order to clarify that matter, I wonder what Ron might have to say about this Constitutional Amendment, which I cleverly title The No Stupid Rules Amendment. It's intended to forestall legislative and executive abuses of power and common infringements of individual liberties.

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The No Stupid Rules Amendment
  1. Congress shall pass no law, nor shall courts uphold any existing law which
    has the overriding effect or intent of financially benefiting one group of
    citizens or corporate entity over another.

  2. Congress shall pass no law, nor shall courts uphold any existing law which
    has the overriding effect or intent of advantaging or penalizing ethnic
    custom, matters of individual faith and belief, or private behavior.

    1. This specifically includes taxation and tax exemptions.
    2. Nor shall any law or regulation that requires the invasion of privacy or compromise of privilege to be detected be countenanced.
    3. Evidence derived from such violations of privacy or privileged communication shall be inadmissible in any court or proceeding under color of law.

  3. The definition of "family" is recognized as being that of those deemed
    involved by mutually agreeable compacts which shall be recognized as being
    governed by ordinary contract law in the state they were entered into.

    1. States shall not impose unreasonable or unequal costs or requirements upon
      such compacts.

    2. This shall not be taken to imply that the state has any interest
      whatsoever in religious unions or the intent of voiding limitations or
      requirements placed upon those unions. States shall not require,
      enforce, regulate or forbid any such union.

    3. States may, at their discretion and as a matter of convenience provide
      standard format contracts which address common circumstances and
      requirements, but it is to be understood that there is to be no
      established preference upon the part of the state, nor may any particular
      form that limits the free choices of the contracted be a requirement.

  4. This amendment is not intended to override legitimate concerns about
    environmental, social or financial impacts, but all such concerns must be
    addressed by the least restrictive means possible and in no way may such
    concerns override the rights recognized in this Amendment.

  5. The right to freely self-medicate and to freely refuse to be mediated for
    any reason is recognized.

    1. Notwithstanding, the responsibility for impairment and other consequences
      is that of the individual.

  6. Congress shall not pass, nor shall courts uphold existing taxation or tariff
    laws that are designed or have the effect of restricting access to any thing
    to those able to afford the tax, nor in any case or for any reason may such
    taxes or tariffs exceed 100% of the retail cost.

    1. Congress will pass no law, nor shall any regulation be made creating
      product or service standards, regulatory requirements or compliance costs
      that have that same effect, save to the extent that such regulations are
      addressed towards the safety of the user, by the least restrictive means.
      No such extant law may be enforced or upheld.

After you read my proposed Constitutional Amendment, (click the "read full article link below" you comments would be very much appreciated. Furthermore, you are invited to participate in refining what is very much a rough draft. And please, forward, digg, stumble and otherwise widely distribute this idea to everyone you know who might be in favor OR passionately opposed.

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