Friday, June 29, 2007

For The Well-Regulated Militia Member


Constitutionally , if you are an American Citizen between the ages of 14 and 41 (I believe), you are a member of your local militia. It's a custom that has lapsed, in favor of the National Guard, the Reserves and other Federal and State agencies, but it's almost impossible to overstate how deeply suspicious our founders were of centralized authorities with standing forces.

And, considering the headlines - and more importantly, the blogs - it's becoming difficult to push the idea that every citizen is responsible for "National Security" on a house to house level.

These days, the term "militia" is confused with scary camoflage-wearing nutcases preaching the "end times" or the ulitmate collapse of Civilization As We Know It, and so we tend to ignore the concept of confident preparedness. But, really, that's all being part of a "well-regulated militia" is all about; ensuring that enough people with the right training and with the right tools exist so that wherever an emergency exists, it can be dealt with in the most rapid manner possible.

Tippman A5 Flatline PackageA volunteer Fire Department is a perfect example of a "well-regulated militia." Now, it's comforting to think that dealing with actual outbreaks of violence, or attempted oppression on the part of an overweening state or national government is a threat long past - but some of us are starting to wonder if it might not be a good idea to have some practical experience with small infantry tactics as well.

And that's where the sponsor of this post, Tippmann paintball guns, comes in. Tippmann paintball is an affordable and enjoyable way to build skills that, God help us, will never be called upon. But if you do need to pick up an assault weapon in defense of you and yours, in company with your fellow citizens - you will have a good idea of how to use it effectively.

This is something that does not automatically come with the purchase of an AK47. Ask any dead Iraqi insurgent.

In this case, practice makes perfect - without being a bother or a chore.

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