Tuesday, June 26, 2007

An interesting insight.

clipped from en.wikipedia.org

The ICP argument builds a bias for the inherent dignity of the human being over the evidence of religion or science.

ICP argument applies to the disparity between theism and atheism as follows;

1, theism is in harmony with atheism; if in the concept of God; the human being is the representative of God, who has no form but exists in the thoughts, beliefs, and actions of human beings,

2, atheism is in harmony with theism, if in the concept of no gods, gods do not have any evidence of form, except that they exist in thoughts, belief], and actions of human beings.

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Of course, "theism" should really be "deism" when we are speaking of religion in the US, because for the most influential (that is to say, the loudest and least tolerant) denominations, God is quite a separate entity indeed, and certainly not existing by means of indwelling within all persons of all religions and beliefs, much LESS Gays, Lesbians and Atheists.

The idea that God picks and chooses and refuses to associate with Those People, while considering People Like Us to be Very Special Chosen Ones makes it very easy to blow Those People up. No harm, no foul, right?

Wrong! If there is conflict between your ethics and the morals some preacher would say carves out an exception to, say "You Shall Not Do Murder" or "You Shall Not Bear False Witness" based on the faith, beliefs or behavior of Those Other People, you are being led down a dangerous path.

But you won't hear that little truth from The 700 Club. Oddly, strangely, bizarrely and redoublingly, The 700 Club airs on the ABC Family Channel.

Ah, those Disney Family Values; trying to win the Culture War by any means necessary.

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