Monday, June 25, 2007

Tapping the Zietgiest

View in real time

Around the world, a network of some 68 'eggs' randomly flip binary coins. The data from each egg should be "smooth." All the data together should be just AS smooth. And yet it isn't. Worse yet, the data seems to vary as to the mood of people, as influenced by events. Even worse than that, it seems that the reaction to a known event seems to predate the actual event by at least several seconds. Image courtesy of the Global Consciousness Project.

This result is so unexpected and inexplicable that it's been comprehensively tested, retested, replicated and studied since 1998.

This is is an example of a truth that has yet to be satisfactorally correlated with our understanding of reality, and yet there it sits, like a cat-hair in your sandwich dressing. I've found a nice popular overview here. But the emergent consensus seems to be that there is a global consciousness and it's "thought process" can at least be detected.

Reality is stranger than most of us are even capable of imagining...

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