Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Enough talk of sexual ethics - it's time for a lab course with visual aids!


God, some days I LOVE my PayPerPost assignments....

Do you have a serious need for
dance club wear at great prices? How about some amazingly sexy jewelery? A to-die-for miniskirt with a spectacular belt? Oh, do you have matching shoes? Swimwear designed for not actually swimming?

Would you have a use for a little something that could technically be almost legal to wear in public (at least in some areas of Europe) and designed to be completely unfair to your chosen prey?

You need to drop by ODgirl.com, where if you can't find the right bait, you must be fishing in the toilet.

Click the permalink for some persuasive evidence.

Hey, this was not what you might call a difficult assignment, though there was a challenge I had not expected... tearing myself away.

And no, not just for the reasons conspicuously shown here.

They have stuff for me. I found my favorite biker-style boots, in my size! There are seriously cute shoes to be found here among the FM pumps and thigh high boots in hard to find sizes and timeless styles.

So this url has every reason to be in your bookmarks. No matter who you are, or who the other men and women in your life are - you have plausible deniability. Hell, I'm forwarding it to my wife. She's having a hell of a time finding stay up thigh-high hose for work. And this is going to be one killer app for the Christmas holidays!

Good heavens, they even have chain-mail that would be perfect for your ren faire costume!

Ok, maybe you might need a few little accessories to go with it.

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