Sunday, August 05, 2007

Shiny things! I LOVE shiny things!

I was cruising PayPerPost for a paid blogging opportunity when the words "metal cabinets" caught my eye.

I clicked through only to be confronted with a site filled with shiny things, keeping me happily busy for far longer than the payment for this post strictly justifies. But I really didn't care...

I'm storage challenged, just by definition, so I'm always interested in things to contain my various piles.

But when I saw these shiny objects..... oooh shiny..... Pardon me, where was I? Oh, yes, I didn't think "garage." Don't have one, and I'm not a "car guy." No, what I thought of was "Outdoor Kitchen." Below is what my mind's eye adds to the cabinet, you see.
Publish PostI' am not much into manly garages, but I am into very manly kitchens that can be hosed down with a pressure washer. And heck, if you are into the industrial look, these would work indoors too. Key locks make 'em childproof and neighbor resistant. Hey, wouldn't this cabinet be a totally kick-ass bar?

You can choose steel or aluminum - they offer both - in a wide selection of configurations, So maybe you might want to drop by - even if you aren't a "car guy" either.

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