Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Global and Personal - Business via the web has no natural boundaries.

Dev3.ro Web design Services is, I guess from the domain, somewhere in Romania, but they write excellent English, and this PayPerPost advertisement on their behalf also serves as an illustration for an important theme for this blog which I tend to overlook in the flood of outrage and politics.

Their base quotes are quite impressive, as is their portfolio, which is packed with small and medium regional businesses and even some national brands. Clearly they can build sites that are both robust and attractive, and their terms and conditions are clearly stated and seem quite reasonable.

This is a Business-to-Business (or business-to-person) offer; a transaction that is purely between people, without intervention by governments, or the government-lite of middlemen, brokers or agencies. Don't like NAFTA, the World Bank or red tape? Well, thanks to the World-Wide Web becoming truly world-wide, you don't need all the expenses and trappings of a government-approved "trade arrangement," at least, not in the area of intellectual property.

This leads to another observation. If your business is driven via the web using Just In Time fulfillment or drop-shipping via any of a number of services, such as UPS, DHL or FedEx - YOU don't need to reside anywhere in particular so long as you can get access that's fast enough for your purposes. That means, among other things, that you can grow your business by living somewhere - like, say, eastern Europe, where living expenses and salaries are low. This doesn't even need to affect where your company "is," though it's US manifestation could be as small as a post-office box with a business license taped inside it. So, heck - you could spend six months a year living somewhere else entirely, and six months wherever you need to be to maintain residency, since your "office" is a cell phone and a laptop.

This is just one example of exciting changes benefiting small to medium businesses and entrepreneurs all out of proportion to behemoths that are still struggling to adapt to business climate change.

Dev3.ro Web design Services is one of many companies worldwide that is realizing that between the web and an amazingly efficient worldwide transportation network, it no longer matters where you are in the world; what matters is how elegantly you present yourself and how efficiently you deliver on your promises.

Another important market factor is emerging too; the global community may be large and seem unmanageable, but paradoxically, that makes personal recommendations and sterling ethics even more important than it was when your practical choices were limited by the costs of communicating over long distances.

And, thanks to various commerce fulfillment services, transaction risks have been greatly reduced. There are still risks, but they are risks that individual entrepreneurs can now afford to seriously consider.

Giant, faceless corporations that are in many ways no different than sovereign nations who's economies they sometimes dwarf will never view you or your small business as much more than one of many hundreds of thousands of database entries. That's fine if you want exactly the same product or service as everyone else, but if you want innovation, a unique creative approach, you really need to think outside of the Corporate box. Real people you have a real relationship with have a personal motivation to go the extra mile, egos to fulfill and other clients to impress with what they did for you. Fortunately, the web allows you to find such people, wherever they might be, with only a few keystrokes.

But what focuses your attention? If I want innovation, one thing that allures me is the means by which people try to grab my eyeballs, what steps they took to get me to read their pitch. A means such as this post speaks of a company willing to try something new.

So, you need a website done right by someone hungry enough for your business and innovative enough to risk an advertising campaign in an entirely new medium, you should add Dev3.ro Web design Services to your list. Check them out. Ask a few tough questions. They impressed me enough to risk putting my name on this post; now it's up to them to impress you.

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