Sunday, August 26, 2007

In your heart, you know he's pissed! Poster from

Not that I'm braggin', or nothin', but I think it's a damned important Graphictruth.

I was listening to Ring of Fire on Air America yesterday, and someone mentioned that conservative figures like Barry Goldwater - who used to be considered a right-wing nutcase and of course Richard Nixon are starting to seem downright cuddly and Liberal in comparison with the current adminsisration.

It's not that they were so good - it's that George Bush and his fellow travelers - the Neocons and Theocons - are so ... are so...

Oh, I'll just say it out loud.


Barry was a nutcase, but neither evil nor stupid.

Tricky Dick - in the end, well, he had some integrety - and he was actually smart.

It's a shame when arch conservatives who can only be praised with faint damns are now looked upon as exemplars of what Conservatism once was and should be.

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