Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A bookmark for the Intelligent Community Initiative

The Intelligent Community Initiative Website is kind of raw and new as of yet, and I'm unimpressed by the use of a frames based design. So retro. And not in a GOOD way. But let's hope it's as much of a bookmark as this post is. Folks, it should be a wiki, or a portal engine.

But the idea is so inherently fascinating - an integration of schooling, business and small business incubation - with such apparent potential, that I cannot possibly do it justice for a five dollar paid post. I find it easy to forgive them for getting all excited and going public before they are quite entirely dressed.

So, rather than do a once-over-lightly, I'm going to ask that you click the link, check out the idea yourself and see what you make of it with as few preconceptions as possible.

But thanks for the fiver, guys! And I will be investigating the whole concept in as great a depth as I can manage, once I'm a little more caffeinated and I'm not at all restricted by a quid-pro-quo.

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